About the Founder

Olga Etkina is a Career Expert who helps ambitious job seekers find jobs they love by working smarter, not harder.

She is the founder of Black Swan Careers and creator of Cultivate Career Authority, an online career education program helping ambitious job seekers find career clarity while mastering interview and salary negotiation skills that pay lifelong dividends.

Cultivate Career Authority graduates have received countless job offers, negotiated up to 40% salary increases, and cultivated valuable candidate brands and networks.

Olga helps her clients step into their power and get a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Over the last decade, Olga has built out teams for companies such as Chief, ClassPass, Goldman Sachs, and other reputable companies.

Born in Russia and immigrating to the US in 1996, Olga understands first hand what it’s like to be brought up with limiting beliefs about what a woman can or can’t be. She understands that these deeply ingrained beliefs can come with years of depression, anxiety, and a deep aversion to allowing oneself to take up space.

In short, Olga has made it her mission to use her life and career experiences, to help others overcome limiting beliefs and reach their career potential - unapologetically.

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